Korean Interpretation Over the Phone or Zoom | 전화/화상회의 통역

High-quality Korean interpretation over the phone or Zoom requires years of experience as a professional Korean interpreter.

Few would disagree that the clearest oral communication is achieved through face-to-face meetings with the parties sitting in the same room together. Situations requiring spoken language interpretation are no exceptions. Body language and other visual cues from the speaker are all important pieces of information that enhance an interpreter’s ability to convey the exact meaning of spoken words. Such “three-dimensional” information is fully available only in in-person meetings, and the quality of interpretation over the phone or Zoom can often be compromised due to the lack of visual cues.

The reality of course is that physically gathering in the same room for a meeting is not always possible, especially in these times. Conference calls and Zoom meetings have become the norm not just as a matter of logistics but as a matter of safety and prevailing personal preference.

Cost is also an important consideration for many clients. For in-person interpretation, a minimum fee applies to account for scheduling conflicts and travel times. By contrast, telephone/Zoom interpretation offers more flexibility in terms of scheduling and cost, which is usually based on the actual duration of the call or Zoom session. (Exceptions apply for simultaneous interpretation – See all interpretation rates.)

Clients should weigh the limitations of telephone/Zoom interpretation along with its cost benefits against the various advantages of in-person interpretation when choosing between the two service types.

Telephone/Zoom interpretation offers more flexibility
in terms of scheduling and cost.

Standard Pricing for
Telephone/Zoom Interpretation

Standard rate: $2.75/min. for the first hour, and $2.50/min. thereafter. Minimum fee $75.00.
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Setting Up a Call

The normal process of setting up a telephone or Zoom interpretation assignment is as follows:

  • We determine which interpreter will be available on the desired date
  • A simple service agreement with credit card authorization is prepared and signed
  • Interpreter assignment is confirmed
  • You can arrange to call the interpreter, or provide a Zoom link.
  • After completion of the assignment, the credit card authorized in the service agreement will be charged for the total fee.
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