Interpretation Booths and Equipment
(Available in Korea Only)

Receivers and headphones ready for use.

Korean Translation Group can provide interpretation equipment in Korea. We have professional-grade simultaneous interpretation booths and complete interpretation systems that we can ship to and install in most locations in Korea (including Jeju Island). Our experienced equipment team is familiar with most major venues and will handle all installation and removal, and also provide onsite support by technicians during the event.

Our simultaneous interpretation equipment in Korea can be packaged in various sizes and combinations, but all include a professional-grade interpretation system and on-site physical support by a technician.

For itinerant events, we also have mobile interpretation sets (“tour guide systems”) available in most areas in Korea.

Our interpretation equipment package includes a professional-grade interpretation system and onsite support by a technician.

Equipment and Service

Below is a list of equipment and services we provide in Korea:

  • Interpretation booths
  • Stationary Interpretation systems (IR or RF)
  • Portable Interpretation Systems (RF)
  • Receivers and headsets
  • Venue coordination
  • Installation and removal
  • On-site technician

We handle everything.

Interpretation booth and equipment installed by our equipment team in advance of an event.

Once your order for interpretation equipment is finalized, we deal with the venue for your event and handle the entire process, from installation to removal after the event. We also provide an onsite technician to monitor and troubleshoot the system.

Questions about our Korean language services?

Please reach out to us by phone or email with any questions or concerns.

I represent a local government and used this company’s services for Korean translation. Customer service was great, turnaround time was quick, and delivered a high quality product.

John Ahumada

If you need interpretation equipment for your event in Korea, we can help.