Certified/Notarized Korean Translation | 인증번역 및 공증

Korean Translation Group can provide certified/sworn translations of most official Korean and English documents. A certified translation is a translated document accompanied by a certificate of accuracy issued by our company, or an affidavit signed by one of our professional Korean translators. (Please note that we can only provide an official notarized certificate of accuracy for a written translation rendered by one of our translators; i.e., we cannot provide a certificate of accuracy for a translated document prepared by a third party.)

Our certificate of accuracy (or affidavit of translator) is signed by the translator attesting to the accuracy of the Korean-to-English or English-to-Korean translation. The certificate can also be officially notarized upon request.

Certified/notarized Korean to English translations are often required when submitting translated documents to USCIS, courts, consular offices, banks, and educational institutions. Official Korean documents that usually require certified translation include, but are not limited to, birth certificates (출생증명서), death certificates (사망진단서), family registers (호적등본), certificates of family relation (가족관계증명서), certificates of basic personal record (기본증명서), marriage certificates (혼인관계증명서), criminal history inquiry report (범죄경력조회회보서), and diplomas (졸업증명서, 학위증, 학위기).

We provide certified Korean translations of official documents
for submission to courts, USCIS and other government agencies.

Process of Requesting
Certified Translation

For certified/sworn translations of most official Korean and English documents:

    1. Email or fax us your documents and requirements (i.e. desired turnaround time, whether notarization is required, and shipping method).
    2. Get a quote; we will respond within 12-24 hours — much sooner in most cases.
    3. Confirm acceptance of quote in writing (= by email).
    4. We will send you a PayPal invoice upon your acceptance of the quote.
    5. The certified translation document(s) will be prepared within 1-2 days in most cases.
    6. We will send you an electronic copy of the translation for your review (after payment of the invoice).
    7. Upon receiving your confirmation that everything is in order, the hard copy/copies will be mailed, if shipment was included in the order. (Tracking is available for USPS Priority Mail or Fedex only).
    8. Receive document.

Price List - Certified Translation
(Korean and English Documents)

The table below is a list of documents for which certified English or Korean translations are commonly prepared. If your document is not listed, please contact us and we’ll be happy to provide more information.

Family Register (Hangul)
– 호적등본제적등본 (한글)
$40.00 for initial page +
$10.00 per additional entry
Korean > English
Family Relation Documents
– 가족관계증명서,
기본증명서, 혼인관계증명서
Korean > English
Certificate of Naturalization $45.00 English > Korean
Marriage or Birth Certificate
(English document)
$45.00 English > Korean
Korean Diploma
– 졸업증명서, 학위증,
$35.00 Korean > English
Certification of Accuracy
& Notarization
$15.00 – Standard certificate
$25.00 – Affidavit of Translator with notarization
Korean > English
Other documents*
not listed above
(* Including documents containing hanja)
Questions about our Korean language services?

Please reach out to us by phone or email with any questions or concerns.

I so appreciate your help in enabling me to advance my work. My presentations would never have been so meaningful to the participants had I not had your translations to give them.

Barbara U. Jones, Ph.D.

You can also fax your documents along with your information to +1 646-626-6429.