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Alternatives to Using Professional Korean Language Services (...that is, if accuracy and quality are optional)

Costs 99 cents…Speaks 53 Languages!!

These days, you can download iPhone apps for 99 cents that purport to translate from English to Korean and Korean into English with a few keystrokes. There’s a $2.99 app that claims to translate and speak 53 languages, including Korean. Recent developments in machine translation have even led some to make the pronouncement that human translators will soon become obsolete. Well, if you believe that, there’s a bridge in Seoul…. 

Granted, machine translation can be useful in certain situations, but it would be foolish, even dangerous, to overestimate its utility; like an inflatable boat, you’d be wise not to stray too far from the shore in it. Even this is probably understating the limits of machine translation, which, when translating even the simplest sentences from English into Korean, yields nonsensical results more than half of the time. This may be why Korean translation professionals turn to machine translation only when in need of a good laugh. But the consequences of ill-advised reliance on machine translation is no laughing matter: According to a recent Reuters report, research indicates that computer programs pharmacists rely on to translate prescription labels for non-English speaking customers often produce potentially harmful errors.

Korean Translation Group's mission is to provide accurate, high-quality translation to and from the Korean language, whether written or spoken. Our rarefied level of service is an antidote to the low-quality, tone-deaf, profit-driven “solutions” in Korean translation and interpretation that are prevalent in the industry. We have proven ourselves seaworthy in the expanding ocean of Korean language communication.
The core members of Korean Translation Group were qualified and experienced Korean interpreters and translators long before there was even a market for Korean language services. The cornerstone of Korean Translation Group is not a profit-driven business model, but our extensive expertise and experience in the field of Korean translation and interpretation. We have a healthy obsession with the quality of interpretation and translation from and into Korean, which is to say that we have an intellectual and emotional investment in the services we deliver, in a way that “one-stop” translation agencies could not begin to emulate.  

We strive to be the best in the field of Korean translation and interpretation, for which we have unparalleled qualifications, experience, and resources. Frankly, it remains truly baffling to us how any agency could honestly claim to provide competent translation and interpretation services in over 100 languages. It's not a good sign when a translation agency touts the fact that its translations are "done by humans." (Many of these companies even have free machine translation right on their websites, as if they're providing a service. This, besides being nothing more than a ploy to direct traffic to their websites, is an indication of the respect they have for the art of translation.)        

Before You Contact Us…

Before you contact us to inquire about hiring a Korean interpreter or translating a Korean document into English (or vice versa), you should have a clear sense of the level of interpretation or translation quality you require. Korean Translation Group provides professional, high-quality Korean interpretation and translation services, and our fees are commensurate with the level of quality we deliver.


If the cost of Korean interpretation or translation services is your foremost concern, we may not be the company you’re looking for. There are quite a few outfits (particularly in China) that offer Korean translation services at “bargain” prices. Our fees, while certainly competitive in comparison with well-established language agencies, probably will not satisfy a bargain hunter. Amateur Korean interpreters and translators abound, and many offer their services at rock-bottom rates, providing a steady stream of cheap if unqualified labor for unscrupulous (and more seriously, unknowledgeable) language agencies that have added Korean translation to their “menu” only because it means more business, not because of any inherent Korean language expertise they possess.
The question that a company or individual looking for Korean interpretation or translation services should ask is: What is the potential cost of poorly rendered interpretation or translation? If the answer is none, negligible, or something along those lines, then by all means, bargain hunting would be the way to go. (In fact, a $0.99 iPhone app may serve your purpose.) But if quality, accuracy, and nuance – proper communication, in other words – are important to you, bargain hunting would most likely end up being a penny wise, dollar foolish choice.

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