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About Our Minimum Rate for Korean Translation Services

Our minimum fee for any Korean translation or interpretation job is $50.00. (Except for certain official documents -- see Official Document Translation Pricing.) This amount may seem high when, for example, all you need is a simple 5-line email message translated or a brief telephone interpretation lasting 5 minutes or so.

There is a very good reason for our "minimum rate," which is common for most professional services. The actual translation or interpretation may indeed require only 5 or 10 minutes, but taking your phone call, receiving and reviewing your document or message, replying to your email, creating and formatting a document, proofing, printing the translation, creating an invoice, and faxing or mailing your documents to you will take quite a bit longer. This is assuming that we do not need to call you to clarify illegible words in the fax, that we can contact you easily, and that you send payment without reminder(s).

And please also remember that Korean Translation Group's translators and interpreters have studied both the English and Korean languages, acquired years of experience in the art of translation and/or interpretation, and that our company maintains an infrastructure (including this website) in order to be able to provide information, receive your requests and to produce accurate translations for you.   

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