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Korean Interpreting Terms and Conditions
Korean Language Services - Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions form an integral part of the Service Agreement provided for each assignment or project. These are guidelines that we as a company follow in principle. In case of conflict, the Service Agreement takes precedence. As each assignment has its own unique characteristics which cannot be entirely covered by general terms and conditions, we look forward to working with clients to arrange special situations in a manner acceptable to all concerned parties.


It is a tenet of translation and interpretation professionals that anything of a proprietary or personal nature learned in the course of an assignment or project is confidential and not to be revealed to outside parties without the client's permission, or unless under duly established legal procedures. It is also understood that the client and interpreter shall not arrange additional assignments nor discuss fees or other business arrangements except with Korean Translation Group.


KIN Translation Group generally recognizes the standards adopted by the American Association of Language Specialists. However, each assignment is negotiated on its own merits by Korean Translation Group with the client and with the interpreter.


Korean interpretation fees depend upon the skill and experience level of the Korean interpreter, the complexity of the assignment, and the working conditions involved. An estimate of the total fees relating to any specific assignment is provided in our Service Agreement, either in full contractual format or outlined in detail in an email.

Working hours in excess of a normal full day (6 hours), excluding lunch, will be billed at the overtime rate.

A combination of work (the time professional services including interpreting, briefing session or other consulting activities are provided at the client’s request) and travel during the same day will be calculated as indicated below under Travel Charges.


While always helpful in ensuring quality results, it is especially important, when the subject is of a highly specialized nature, for the interpreter to have the opportunity to review, sufficiently in advance of the assignment date, written speeches, relevant documents and materials, scripts, video or slide presentations to be used at the event. Preparation time, if authorized, is charged at the daily fee.

Travel Charges:

To compensate the interpreter for loss of potential income from foregone alternative assignments during travel periods, fees are charged as follows:

50% of the regular applicable fee for travel up to four hours (one way);

67% of the regular applicable fee for travel over four hours (one way);

67% of the regular daily fee for the first two non-working days spent waiting at the convenience of the client; 100% per day thereafter;

100% of the regular daily fee if accompanying a tour group;

Travel combined with professional services (such as briefings) during the same day for a total of up to eight hours to be compensated at one day's fee;

150% of the regular daily fee if travel is combined with professional services during the same day is in excess of eight hours;
Per Diem: A $100.00 per diem charge applies for each night the interpreter is required to spend out of his or her home area. 

Reimbursement of lodging, air, ground, parking and other transportation expenses. Certain travel arrangements, including flights and lodging, are subject to a 10% service fee if made by Korean Translation Group. Flights and lodging arranged by client but paid for by interpreter or Korean Translation Group are subject to a 1.5% finance charge.

Travel Calculations:

Time is calculated from arrival at the interpreter’s nearest airport to the site of the assignment and back to that airport by the most direct route available, including any waiting or transfer time involved.

Local travel time in excess of one hour between the interpreter’s residence and the assignment location will be included in the calculation of the daily fee

Use of private automobile will be compensated for at the current rate accepted by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (currently 55 cents per mile).

Air Travel Conditions:

For international travel in excess of four hours, full fare business/executive class is authorized.

Travel in excess of 8 hours will be compensated for on a case-by-case basis depending on the situation; travel which crosses multiple time zones may require an additionally compensated travel day.

If travel in excess of eight hours by economy class is required, a paid rest day at 67% of the daily fee is required. Normally, interpreters make their own travel arrangements, but if the client is able to make the travel arrangements we will accommodate them.

Interpreters' Conditions:

Two interpreters are required for simultaneous interpretation assignments of four hours or less;

Three interpreters are required for simultaneous interpretation assignments longer than four hours;

Depending upon the nature of the assignment, two interpreters may be required for consecutive interpretation assignments of longer than four hours;

The interpreter is to be placed in a central position to be able to see and hear adequately to follow the proceedings;

For simultaneous interpretation, an isolation booth and transmitter/receiver system is required; difficult conditions, such as "whispered" interpretations, are discouraged, but if necessary, may require additional compensation. Due to ambient noise considerations, whispered interpretation is inherently disruptive to other participants and makes it difficult for interpreters to concentrate. Therefore, portable transmitter/headset receiver equipment is recommended, with a direct line feed from the speakers' microphones to the interpreter.

Reasonable meal and rest breaks for personal convenience are to be provided;

Lodging is to be provided in a first-class hotel nearest to the assignment venue.


Due to potential loss of income due to an inability to arrange alternative assignments, any cancellation or postponement of the engagement by the client is subject to a cancellation fee, as follows:

Once this Language Services Agreement is signed (i.e., the assignment of interpreter[s] is confirmed), a cancellation fee of 10% of the total base fee, up to a maximum amount of a regular full day’s compensation per interpreter, will apply if the engagement is cancelled by the client for any reason, unless the cancellation is within 5 business days, in which case the cancellation fee, with no maximum, will be based on the following schedule of advance notice: 5 (business) days, 30%; 3-4 days, 40%; 1-2 days, 50%; 1 business day or less, 100% of the base fee in the agreement.
The client will also be responsible for compensating Korean Translation Group for the full amount of any transportation costs, fees or penalties (e.g. cancellation/change fees) incurred in relation to the cancellation or postponement of the engagement.


Clients are asked to advise of any particular invoicing requirements to enable meeting the payment due date indicated in our Service Agreement. Except under special circumstances, 50% of the total base fee must be paid before our commitment to the assignment can be finalized. Past due charges are 15% per annum of the amount billed, calculated monthly, for any part of a month overdue. For the sake of efficiency, invoices will be sent by fax or email unless other specific instructions are given.


Korean Translation Group will exercise best efforts to assure that assignments run as smoothly as possible. Should our designated interpreter(s) not be available to serve as indicated, we will make every effort to provide substitutes of equal quality. However, we cannot be liable for circumstances beyond our control, including, but not limited to, actions of third parties, illnesses or family emergencies, disruption of transportation or natural disasters.

Korean Translation Group does not provide interpreting equipment.


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